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Understanding that the individual moves between several different environments, including work, home, and other interests, each of the workshops is designed to help the individual develop skills that will serve them in which ever environment they find themselves.
Stress Management
Element_237a.JPG Stress is becoming recognized as one of the major problems for individuals and, by extension, for the organizations with which those individuals are associated. Recognizing the signs of stress, the long- and short-term damage that occurs, and developing tools to assist participants in dealing with stress more effectively are presented. Participants assess their individual levels of stress in their personal, work, family, and relationship environments and the coping resources available in each of those areas.
Conflict Management
Element_241a.JPG Perhaps conflict should be added to "death and taxes" as one of the inevitable occurrences we all face in life. This workshop looks at some of the factors that trigger conflict in all of us, the ways we handle conflict, and approaches to managing that conflict in more effective ways in the work place, at home, and in other relationships.

Communication is the key to resolving conflict and listening is the key to effective communication. Participants are provided the opportunity to see the value of various approaxhes to communication in different situations.
Element_289a.JPG Workplaces and organizations are growing steadily more diverse as a result of the changes that are occurring in our society. Participants are given an opportunity to examine their own attitudes and behaviors towards others, and look at tools to broaden their ability to live and work effectively with those who are different from them to not only accept those differences, but also hopefully see and welcome the strengths that exist in the differences.
Get A Life! Balancing Work & Home
Element_240a.JPG Pressures are pulling individuals between commitment to their careers and their personal lives, including family often, the individual and the family feel that they are the losers in this conflict. Both individuals and the organizations they work with are beginning to recognize that this conflict not only reduces the effectiveness of the individual in all settings, but also leads to turnover and a decline in organizational effectiveness. By looking at ways individuals can become more effective in all areas of their lives, this workshop helps individuals balance the demands placed upon them.
Team Building - Your Individual Role
Element_239a.JPG Organizations are relying more and more on teams to innovate, problem-solve, produce, and compete to manage change. Participants develop an understand of the individual approaches to the group process that occurs within teams. Understanding this process will enable participants to become more effective in working with other team members in any organizational setting.
Leadership Series
Element_233a.JPG Because of the importance of leadership in all aspects of our lives, the components of effective leadership are broken into 3 four-hour workshops:
Understanding Yourself
The first component to effective leadership is an understanding of ourselves. The role and importance of emotional intelligence is developed as well as the impact our relationships have on each of us. Each participant completes a confidential personal assessment to identify their basic behavioral profile. The interaction between the four behavioral patterns is explored to enable participants to recognize the impact of their behavior on others.
Historically, and certainly continuing today, communication is cited as one of the major problem areas for organizations. A framework for understanding the communication process, both verbal and non-verbal, is presented along with tools to increase individual communication effectiveness, in all areas of life.
Leadership & Management
The final component to effective leadership is explored through looking at the attributes, behaviors, skills, and attitudes that have proven to be instrumental for successful leaders. Participants will take a self-assessment instrument that will show their personal leadership focus. Drawing on the first workshop in the series, Understanding Yourself, individual behavior patterns are linked to a management model to provide participants with insight and tools to increase their effectiveness in managing.

While it is possible to provide each workshop as a stand-alone module, each workshop builds upon and uses information developed in prior workshops to fully explore the leadership process. Effectiveness is increased when participants can commit to attending each of the three workshops.
Personal Profile System
The foundation of personal and professional success lies in understanding self, understanding others, and realizing the impact of personal behavior on the people around each of us. This full day workshop looks at the behavioral aspect of emotional intelligence and lays the foundation for high performance in a wide variety of applications. The benefits for individuals include: discovering behavioral strengths, valuing the strengths of others, managing effectively, fostering teamwork, improving communication skills, increasing sales, and reducing conflict and stress.