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Change Management
Element_243a.JPG An organizational change (whether reorganization, staffing reduction, conversion to new software, or an acquisition) is scheduled to occur or has occurred. Management has a plan to put new systems into place and return to effective and efficient operations, yet implementing that change is running into difficulties – the emotional side of change.

One solution would be to ignore the problem and thereby accept reduced individual and organizational effectiveness, possibly leading to the loss of people as their stress and unhappiness becomes too high and those employees elect to leave the organization. Certainly a very expensive solution given that the cost to replace an employee often runs as high as 1 to 2 times that employee's annual salary. The Change Management program includes an evaluation of the client's needs and is followed by at least the following components, in the order listed:
Stress Management Workshop
Element_244a.JPG Because an individual's stress usually ramps up in anticipation of a change or following the announcement of anticipated changes, helping that individual recognize resources available to ease the transition are important. The nature of the Stress Management Workshop is such that individuals enjoy themselves and take away tools to more effectively manage the stress they encounter in all areas of their lives. This is a 4-hour workshop.
Transition Workshop
Element_245a.JPG Change impacts all of us at a basic emotional level and can be devastating for both our professional and personal lives. This 4-hour workshop allows the employee to work through the emotional process in a structured and confidential manner. The individual has the opportunity to understand the normal emotional reactions that he or she is either going through or will go through, and, because they develop an understanding of the process, become better equipped to accelerate resolving those changes in a satisfactory manner.
Team Building - Your Individual Role
Element_246a.JPG This 4-hour workshop approaches team building from a slightly different perspective: rather than approaching team building from a macro standpoint with an overview of the ways individuals can work well together and develop the bonding necessary to become an effective team, the workshop approaches team building with the components of the innovation process (isn't that what teams are expected to do - innovate?) and allows participants to determine their most natural role in the process. Participants also engage in team activities to strengthen their understanding of the innovation/team process.
Communication Workshop
Element_247a.JPG During periods of stress and change, effective communication becomes critical, yet individuals often do not have the personal resources or skills to both manage the stress and effectively communicate. This 4-hour workshop helps individuals develop additional skills in communication: both as a sender of communication and as a receiver of communication. Participants complete an assessment of their individual listening skills to further assist them in developing communications skills.
Element_248a.JPG Each of these four modules provides benefits and skills for each of the individuals undergoing transition and would have maximum effectiveness on managing the change process if presented in order shown. Because of the interactive nature of the workshops, attendance should be capped at a maximum of 50; however, because each of the workshops is only four hours, two workshops per day could be given.

Ideally, the Change Management Program would be put into place at the front end of the anticipated project. This timing allows individuals to develop the skills and work through the emotional difficulties that negatively impact their ability to handle the change, before the project becomes more difficult to manage. That said, however, implementing the Change Management Program on an existing project would have the same positive impact on individuals and provide them with tools to become more effective and accepting of the change in which they find themselves engaged.

For those organizations that elect one 4-hour workshop in a day, Scott Luff could be available at the organization to meet with and provide Executive Coaching for those individuals needing additional time to address their personal concerns. By making this type of coaching available, managers are freed-up to focus on the successful execution of the project. If additional coaching is desired by the organization on the days in which no Workshop is scheduled, that additional service can be negotiated.